This content collected by various street medics and shared publically. With great thanks to the people who did this labor, we will continue to add to this over time.

We Take Care 
Zine pdf

Street Medic Guide
Paper Revolution

Street Medic Handbook
Chicago Action Medical

Riot Medicine
Guide for action medics

Street Medic Bridge Training (Video 2hrs)
Do No Harm Coalition

Protest Health and Safety Training (Video 2hr45m)
Boston Medic

Street Medic Traning (Video 2hrs)
Left Voice

Street Medic Webinar (Video 1hr45m)
CAT 911

Street Medic Wiki

Street Medics Dallas
YouTube Channel

Random Street Medic
YouTube Channel

Skinny Medic
YouTube Channel

Prep Medic
YouTube Channel

Protest Health & Safety
Video (2hr45min)

Street Medic Kit Ideas

Protest Safety Cards

Tear Gas

Facemask Fog Prevention

Eye Safety

~Medical Committee for Human Rights~

~Medical Presence Projcect~
~Ambulance Services~

Pittsburgh (Freedom House) & Philly
~Community Health~

The Black Panthers and Young Lords, as well as the American Indian Movement

~70’s Social Justice Demonstrations~

Street medics considered medical knowledge a form of self-defense, and were deeply involved in health education and medical support during the Civil Rights Movement, the work to end the war in Vietnam, the New Left, and movements for the equity and independence of women, LGBTQIA+, veterans, Native Americans, prisoners, and mental patients

~Modern Resources~

Health & Medicine

Anaphylaxis Awareness
Allergy Aware

Anaphylaxis Program

West Midlands Ambulance

Anaphylaxis e-Training


Anaphylaxis Awareness

First Aid for Free



EKG Academy 
Full catalog


ACLS Certification Institute 
Videos, quizzes and learning pages on ACLS / PALS / acute conditions



Atrial Fibrillation & Stroke Prevention
Charles Bloe Training



Emergency Treatment of Acute Decompensating Heart Failure



ECG rhythm game 
Skill Stat


Heart rhythms and ECG training 
Cardio Rhythms Online



ECG Assessment 
King’s College



Managing Atrial Fibrillation 
Stanford Medical School



EKG Training Catalog 
Maine EMS

Triage & Mass Casualty Training 
National Disaster Life Support Foundation



Disaster Preparedness for Healthcare Professionals 
Johns Hopkins University


Mind the Gap
Handbook of Clinical Signs & Symptoms for Black and Brown skin

Tufts University

Medicine I
Tufts University


Medicine II
Tufts University

Elements of Pain 
Canvas Network

Pediatric First Aid 
First Aid for Free


Pediatric Trauma Course 
University of New Mexico


Pediatric Emergencies
University of New Mexico

Renal Studies 
Open Michigan

Med Cram 


Asthma Masterclass


BLS / ILS Airway  
University of New Mexico


Optimal BVM Ventilation 
University of New Mexico


Assisting with Intubation 
University of New Mexico

Intro to Wilderness First Aid
Video 1hr (Colorado Mountain Club)

Wilderness Medicine
YouTube Playlist (NOLS)

The Human Path
YouTube Channel Survival School

Boundtree University 
Short courses aimed at EMTs, focusing on specific illnesses / conditions



Free slides, videos and skills training



Medicine & Healthcare Courses via various universities
Full list of healthcare courses
Full course catalog (over 100 courses)



Future Learn
Full Health & Psychology catalog



Med Cram



Lecturio (registration required)






Initiva Health









Emergency Medicine
Free Emergency Talks



American CME



e-Learning for Healthcare



Open Michigan (Medical)


EdX (Medicine)



Emergency Medicine