Get started:

  • Look over the Street Medic section in Educational Content, and get a sense of whether or not this is something you may be able to and interested in doing 
  • Reach out in community spaces and ask around to find local street medics to get in touch with- you can certainly come out with us before getting full training! 
  • Search for an in-person 20 hour Street Medic training (Locally SCORCH  offers these), sign up, and do the thing! 
  • Continually practice and learn and grow your skills 


Capitalism has structured our understanding of risk such that citizens’ health can be sacrificed for the protection of private property and the normal flow of goods and services.  Capitalism says that anyone who causes property damage, stops traffic, or loiters in places that make wealthy people uncomfortable should expect to be met with physical violence. Street medic skills are here for when that violence inevitably comes. 

There’s a particular manifestation of liberalism that convinces us that there’s always one more book to read before we’re
ready to take the streets. Or that we don’t have the competence to share our skills with
others. Don’t fall for it. The real learning comes from practice. There’s nothing stopping you from going to a protest with some band-aids and sunscreen, or from sharing the lessons you’ve learned with your friends. 

As street medicking is growing in popularity, it’s important that we don’t lose the mutual aid and anti-racist
foundations of our practice. Rigorous study is essential, especially to unlearn disempowering capitalist approaches to
healthcare. Yet part of those mutual aid and anti-racist foundations is working against the gatekeeping of the practice.

-Excerpts from We Take Care of Each Other zine by Meddowsweet in community with SCORCH (it’s really good and not super long, and you may want to read the whole thing- check it out)